Our Services

We are specialised in following services


We renew steel, practically anywhere on the ship Hatch coamings- Main deck- Topside tanks- DB tanks – Shell Plating Pontoons. We carry out repairs using tested plates, under class approval, using qualified welders, approved electrodes and good equipment. Voyage steel repairs are also done.


We are fully equipped to carry out cleaning and painting of tanks and hull.


We renew all kinds of pipelines on board like ballast water lines, steam lines, fuel and fresh water lines, hydraulic lines etc. We are fully equipped with a variety of pipe working tools and trained workers experienced in pipeline repairs.


  •  Hydraulic pumps
  •  Hydraulic motors
  •  Cylinders and Pistons
  •  Control blocks
  •  Hydraulic pipelines


  •  Air conditioning
  •  Insulation
  •  Plumbing
  •  Wiring
  •  Flooring & Carpentry


Our trained technicians can carry out

  •  Motor rewinding
  •  Cabling and rewiring
  •  New equipment installation
  •  Trouble shooting controls
  •  Flooring & Carpentry


  •  Lowering of rudders
  •  Checking and adjusting jumping clearance
  •  Alignment with steering system
  •  All other related jobs to rudders


  •  Removal of Propellers
  •  Repairing damages if any
  •  Alignments
  •  All other related jobs


  •  Shaft Withdrawal
  •  Trueness checking
  •  Alignments
  •  Repairs and replacement if required

Shipyard Services:

  •   General Yard Services

  • Lay By Berth for Ship Repairs at PMB.

  •   Vessel Dry Docking at DSS/FDN.

  •   Engine Works

  •   Electrical / Electronic Works

  •   Surface Preparation, Cleaning & Painting

  •   Pipe Works

  •   Steel Renewal Works

  •   Outfitting Works

  • Propulsion Line Inspection and Service.

  • Tailshaft and rudder repair.

  • Propeller repair.

  • Hull Surface Preparation and Painting.

  • Certified Welding Services, both Structural and Shell Plate Repairs.

  • Hatch cover inspection and repair.

  • Crane Inspection, Service, Maintenance and Load Test Certification.

  • Life Boat / Davit Inspection, Service, Maintenance and Certification.

  • Main and Auxiliary Engine, Inspection, Scheduled Maintenance and Damage Repairs.

  • Turbo Charger Inspection, Balancing, Maintenance and Damage Repairs.

  • Cargo / Ballast Tanks, Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Coating.

  • Deck Auxiliary Equipment, Inspection, Service, Maintenance, Repairs and Parts Supplies.

  • PV / Sea Chest / Valves, Inspection and Service Maintenance.

  • Shore Power Supply at Jetty/ Dry Dock. (50 hz / 60 hz)

  • Main Switchboard and Electric Systems Service and Maintenance.

  • Electric Motor overhauling and Rewinding.

  • Radio / Navigation Equipment Inspection, Service and Maintenance.

  • Repair of deck equipment.

  • Repair of steering and ruder gear.

  • Repair of electric equipment.

  • Repair and replacement f pipes and tubes.

  • Repair and welding works of hull structure.

  • Repair of main and auxiliary engine, compressors, pumps etc.

  • Repair of hull and ship systems including technicians going to see.

  • Fabrication of rubber technical products.

  • Combating spillages of oil.

  • Waste water piping out Damage and crack clearing using keel, housing, bossing.

  • Underwater cutting, installation and welding of bilge water keel, housing, bossing.

  • Sea valves sealing and repair of onboard and bottom fittings .

  • Sea valves sealing and repair of onboard and bottom fittings.

  • Replacement of hull protection.

  • Capacity

    Since 1996, METS has carried out the maintenance, repair, refit, modernization and conversion activities to the Indian Navy/Indian Coast Guard, developing important structural projects and in the weapon, navigation and propulsion systems of oil tankers(INS JYOTI) and auxiliary ships.


    The successful execution of the annual careening program of the INDIAN NAVY has allowed the yard to successfully conjugate its experience and technical capability in this area with the clear objective of satisfying the unique necessities of its clients. The development of adequate facilities in its shipyards, together with a highly specialized crew, allows to offer careening and maintenance services to propulsion, navigation, communications and weapon systems all year round, and 24 hours a day.


    In the area of repairs, METS holds an important record of minor and major projects, developed within suitable terms and budget, and according to the most demanding standards of Indian quality. The result of this management is demonstrated by clients’ confidence on its work teams made up of project managers, estimators, technicians and specialists, who faithfully interpret the requirements of clients. The execution of repair projects in areas such as structures, electricity, electronics, hydraulic, diesel engines, pipes, metallurgy, machines tools and carpentry, assures an integral service to the ships that call at their shipyards.

    Supply Agency:

    Supply of provisions:

  • Technical and material supply:

    • 1111111111Engine spare parts

    • 1111111111PCBs

    • 1111111111Electrical and electronic gadgets

    • 1111111111U/w diving equipments

    • 1111111111Welding and cutting equipments

    • 1111111111Pyrotechnic

    • 1111111111Synthetic and wire ropes

    • 1111111111Fire fighting equipment

    • 1111111111Life saving equipment

    • 1111111111Measuring instruments

    • 1111111111Sealing materials

    • 1111111111Fittings

  • Tools

  • We can source and deliver spare parts on board your vessel from anywhere in the world at competitive prices and best delivery period.

  • "Offsite Service is available 24 hours a day to INDIAN ships"

    METS is a full service repair facility. We provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter how large or small your requirements might be, we provide quick response and competitive pricing for off-site emergency repair work.